Feb 12, 2015

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NHS Whistleblowers Comment: Interesting to see the Health Secretary has picked up my ideas of independent support for NHS whistleblowers.

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Towards the end of my time in the House of Commons in 2010 I obtained a Private Member's Bill. As with most of these Bills even though there was no chance of it being debated I did all the work to get the Bill drafted. It was supported by 6 Labour, 2 Tory, 1 LibDem and 2 other independent MPs. The title was: "The NHS Public Interest Disclosure Support Bill." I was not allowed to use the term "Whistleblowers" as I was told it was "un-parliamentarian". The aim of the Bill was "to make provision for the appointment, functions and powers of Independent Support Officers for NHS employees wishing to make disclosures in the public interest and to place a duty on NHS trusts to cooperate with such Support Officers. 
At last, five years late, the Health Secretary has adopted my ideas.