About Stourport Town Council:

Stourport-on-Severn Town Council has 18 Town Council Members. The town is divided into 6 Electoral Wards, each returning 3 Town Council Members. Elections are generally held every fourth year. The Town Council services include:

  • owning and maintaining parkland
  • open space land
  • two allotment garden sites
  • a cemetery
  • common land
  • town centre gardens which include the War Memorial Garden

The Town Council is financed mainly by the residents of Stourport-on-Severn and money is raised by the Town Council precepting on the District Council which then collects the Precept from local residents via the District Council’s Council Tax demand. The Precept is paid to the Town Council in two half-yearly stages.

The current Mayor of Stourport is Councillor C J Brewer.

You can contact the Town Council by telephone on 01299 877214 / 01562 732750 or by e-mail

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The New Stourport electoral wards for Wyre Forest District Council May 2015

Areley Kings & Riverside Ward

Lickhill Ward

Mitton Ward



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